United Arab Emirates’ Constitution of 1971 with Amendments through 2009

Judicial Independence

Article 94. Justice is the basis of government. In performing their duties, judges are independent and are influenced only by the rule of law and their own conscience.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 115. The Supreme Council may delegate the President of the UAE together with the Council of Ministers to promulgate, in the absence of the Supreme Council, an urgent decree which in the ordinary course of action must have been sanctioned by the Supreme Council itself provided that the delegation of this power does not include the ratification of international treaties and conventions, or the declaration or lifting of martial law, or the declaration of a defensive war, or the appointment of the Chief Justice or the judges of the Federal Supreme Court.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 106. There shall be a Federal General Attorney who is appointed by a federal decree issued with the approval of the Council of Ministers. The Federal Attorney General is assisted by a number of public prosecutors. The law regulates the matters relating to the members of the Federal Public Prosecution Office with respect to the way of their appointment, ranks, promotion, retirement and the qualifications that they must meet. The Federal Code of Criminal Procedure regulates the powers and procedures of the Federal Public Prosecution Office, and the authority conferred upon the law enforcement and public security officers who assist it in its functions.

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