Turkey’s Constitution of 1982 with Amendments through 2017

Judicial Independence

Article 9. Judicial power shall be exercised by independent and impartial courts on behalf of the Turkish Nation.
Article 138. Judges shall be independent in the discharge of their duties; they shall give judgment in accordance with the Constitution, laws, and their personal conviction conforming with the law. No organ, authority, office or individual may give orders or instructions to courts or judges relating to the exercise of judicial power, send them circulars, or make recommendations or suggestions. No questions shall be asked, debates held, or statements made in the Legislative Assembly relating to the exercise of judicial power concerning a case under trial.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 159. The Council of Judges and Prosecutors shall be established and shall exercise its functions in accordance with the principles of the independence of the courts and the security of the tenure of judges. The Council of Judges and Prosecutors shall be composed of thirteen members; shall comprise two chambers. The President of the Council is the Minister of Justice. The Undersecretary to the Ministry of Justice shall be an ex-officio member of the Council. […]
Article 154. […] The Chief Public Prosecutor and the Deputy Chief Public Prosecutor of the Court of Cassation shall be appointed by the President of the Republic for a term of four years from among five candidates nominated for each office by the General Assembly of the Court of Cassation from among its own members by secret ballot. They may be re-elected at the end of their term of office. […]

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