Somalia’s Constitution of 2012

Judicial Independence

Article 3. 4. The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia promotes human rights, the rule of law, general standards of international law, justice, participatory consultative and inclusive government, the separation of powers between the legislature, executive and an independent judiciary, in order to ensure accountability, efficiency and responsiveness to the interests of the people.
Article 34. 1. Every person is entitled to file a legal case before a capable court. 2. Every person has the right to a fair public hearing by an independent and impartial court or tribunal, to be held within a reasonable time […]
Article 106. 1. The judiciary is independent of the legislative and executive branches of government whilst fulfilling its judicial functions. Members of the judiciary shall be subject only to the law. 2. No civil or criminal proceedings shall be instituted against a judge in respect of the exercising of any judicial function. 3. The home or person of a judge cannot be searched without the authorization of the Judicial Service Commission.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 111. A. 1. There shall be a Judicial Service Commission, which shall advise the Federal Government on the administration of justice including recruitment, dismissal, and any legal action taken against judges. 2. The Judicial Service Commission has to be independent, neutral, non-partisan and shall ensure the independence of the judiciary. 3. The Judicial Service Commission shall have powers, and responsibilities as stipulated in the Constitution and the national laws.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 111 J. 5. The Ombudsman shall: […] v. Forward to the Attorney General a matter suspected to involve corruption. […]

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