Slovenia’s Constitution of 1991 with Amendments through 2016

Judicial Independence

Article 125. Judges shall be independent in the performance of the judicial function. They shall be bound by the Constitution and laws.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 130. Ordinary court selection Judges are elected by the National Assembly on the proposal of the Judicial Council.
Article 131. The Judicial Council is composed of eleven members. The National Assembly elects five members on the proposal of the President of the Republic from among university professors of law, attorneys and other lawyers, whereas judges holding permanent judicial office elect six members from among their own number. The members of the council select a president from among their own number.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 135. State Prosecutor State Prosecutors file and present criminal charges and have other powers provided by law. The organisation and powers of state prosecutor offices are provided by law.
Article 136. The office of State Prosecutor is not compatible with office in other state bodies, in local self-government bodies and in bodies of political parties, and with other offices and activities as provided by law.

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