Netherland’s Constitution of 1815 with Amendments through 2008

Judicial Power

Article 116. 1. The courts which form part of the judiciary shall be specified by Act of Parliament. 2. The organization, composition and powers of the judiciary shall be regulated by Act of Parliament. 3. In cases provided for by Act of Parliament, persons who are not members of the judiciary may take part with members of the judiciary in the administration of justice. 4. The supervision by members of the judiciary responsible for the administration of justice of the manner in which such members and the persons referred to in the previous paragraph fulfill their duties shall be regulated by Act of Parliament.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 118. 1. The members of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands shall be appointed from a list of three persons drawn up by the Lower House of the States General. 2. In the cases and within the limits laid down by Act of Parliament, the Supreme Court shall be responsible for annulling court judgments which infringe the law (cassation). 3. Additional duties may be assigned to the Supreme Court by Act of Parliament.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 117. 1. Members of the judiciary responsible for the administration of justice and the Procurator General at the Supreme Court shall be appointed for life by Royal Decree.

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