Morocco’s Constitution of 2011

Judicial Independence

Article 107. The judicial power is independent of the legislative power and of the executive power. The King is the guarantor of the independence of the judicial power. Article 109. Any intervention in the matters submitted to justice is forbidden. In his judicial function, the judge may not receive injunction or instruction, nor be submitted to any pressure whatever. Each time that he considers that his independence is threatened, the judge must refer [the matter] to the Superior Council of the Judicial Power. Any breach on the part of the judge of his duties of independence and of impartiality, constitutes a grave professional fault, without prejudice to eventual judicial consequences. The law sanctions any person who attempts to influence the judge in an illicit manner.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 113. Ordinary court selection The Superior Council of the Judicial Power sees to the application of the guarantees accorded to the magistrates, notably concerning their independence, their appointment, their advancement, their retirement and their discipline. On its initiative, it drafts the reports on the state of justice and of the judicial system, and presents appropriate recommendations in the matter. At the demand of the King, of the government or of the Parliament, the Council emits its substantiated opinion on any question relating to justice, under reserve of the principle of the separation of powers.

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