Georgia’s Constitution of 1995 with Amendments through 2013

Judicial Independence

Article 82. 1. Judicial authority shall be exercised through constitutional control, justice, and other forms determined by law. 2. Judicial acts shall be binding upon all state bodies and persons throughout the territory of the country. 3. Judicial authority shall be independent and be exercised exclusively by the courts. 4. A court shall award a judgement on behalf of Georgia. Article 84. 1. A judge shall be independent in his/her activity and shall comply with the Constitution and law only. Any pressure upon a judge or any interference in his/her activity in order to influence his/her decision making shall be prohibited and punishable by law. 2. A judge may be removed from consideration of a case or dismissed from office early or moved to another position only in the cases defined by law. 3. No one shall have the right to claim a report of any particular case from a judge. 4. All acts restricting the independence of any judge shall be null and void. 5. Only a court may quash, change, or suspend a court decision as determined by law.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 86-1. 1. The High Council of Justice of Georgia shall be established in order to appoint and dismiss judges to/from office and to perform other tasks. 2. More than half of the High Council of Justice of Georgia shall be composed of the members elected by a self-government body of judges of the courts of Georgia of general jurisdiction. Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Georgia shall chair the High Council of Justice of Georgia. 3. The powers and the procedures for establishment of the High Council of Justice of Georgia shall be defined by organic law.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 81-4. Bodies of the Prosecutor’s Office are under the system of the Ministry for Justice and the Minister for Justice shall provide general management of their operations. The powers and activities of the Prosecutor’s Office shall be defined by law.

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