Eritrea’s Constitution of 1997

Judicial Independence

Article 48. 1. The judicial power shall be vested in a Supreme Court and in such other lower courts as shall be established by law and shall be exercised in the name of the people pursuant to this Constitution and laws issued thereunder. 2. In exercising the judicial power, courts shall be free from the direction and control of any person or authority. Judges shall be subject only to the law, to a judicial code of conduct determined by law and to their conscience. 3. A judge shall not be liable to any suit for any act in the course of exercising his judicial function. 4. All organs of the State shall accord to the courts such assistance as they may require protecting their independence and dignity so that they may exercise their judicial power appropriately and effectively pursuant to the provisions of this Constitution and laws issued thereunder.

Judicial Council or Parallel Institution

Article 53. 1. There shall be established a Judicial Service Commission, which shall be responsible for submitting recommendations for the recruitment of judges and the terms and conditions of their services. 2. The organization, powers and duties of the Judicial Service Commission shall be determined by law.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 54. There shall be an Advocate General whose powers and duties shall be determined by law.

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