Czech Republic’s Constitution of 1993 with Amendments through 2013

Judicial Independence

Article 81 The judicial power shall be exercised in the name of the Republic by independent courts. Article 82 1. Judges shall be independent in the performance of their duties. Nobody may threaten their impartiality. 2. Judges may not be removed or transferred to another court against their will; exceptions resulting especially from disciplinary responsibility shall be laid down in a statute. 3. The office of judge is incompatible with that of the President of the Republic, a Member of Parliament, as well as with any other function in public administration; a statute shall specify which further activities are incompatible with the discharge of judicial duties.

Attorney General’s Office

Article 80 1. The State Attorney’s office shall issue and argue public indictments in criminal proceedings; it shall perform other functions as well if a statute so provides. 2. The status and powers of the State Attorney’s Office shall be provided for by statute.

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