Armenia’s Constitution of 1995 with Amendments through 2015

Judicial Independence

Article 63. Everyone shall have the right to a fair and public hearing of his case within a reasonable period by an independent and impartial court. Article 164. 1. When administering justice, a judge shall be independent and impartial and act only in accordance with the Constitution and the laws. Article 167. 1. Constitutional justice shall be administered by the Constitutional Court, ensuring the primacy of the Constitution. 2. When administering justice, the Constitutional Court shall be independent and shall abide only by the Constitution. […]

Judicial Council

Article 173. The Supreme Judicial Council is an independent state body that shall safeguard the independence of courts and judges. Article 174. 1. The Supreme Judicial Council shall consist of 10 members. 2. Five of the members of the Supreme Judicial Council shall be elected by the General Assembly of Judges from among judges having at least 10 years of judge experience. Judges of all instances of courts shall be included in the Supreme Judicial Council. […]

Attorney General’s Office

Article 176. 1. The prosecution office is a unified system that is led by the Prosecutor General. 2. The prosecution office shall, in the cases and manner stipulated by law: 1. Initiate criminal prosecution; Supervise the lawfulness of the pre-trial criminal proceedings; 3. Defend the charges in court; 4. Appeal the rulings, judgments, and decisions of courts; and 5. Supervise the lawfulness of enforcement of sentences and other coercive measures. 3. In exceptional cases stipulated by law and in the manner stipulated by law, the prosecution office shall initiate a claim in court for the protection of state interests. 4. The prosecution office shall operate within the framework of the powers reserved for it by the Constitution, on the basis of law. 5. The procedure of formation and functioning of the prosecution office shall be stipulated by law. […]

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