GENEVA (18 September 2023) – The UN Special Rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers, Margaret Satterthwaite, will conduct her first official visit to Montenegro from 19 to 26 September 2023.

During her visit, Satterthwaite will assess the measures taken by the Government to ensure the independence of the judiciary and the free exercise of the legal profession. She will examine the ongoing reform process of the judiciary to assess its compliance with international human rights standards, such as the independence of the judiciary and the principle of separation of powers. She will also examine the issue of access to justice for all, seeking to understand the way ordinary people in Montenegro experience the judicial system.

The expert will meet Government officials and members of the Parliament, judges, prosecutors and lawyers. She will also meet representatives of civil society, academia, UN agencies, donors and the diplomatic community.

Satterthwaite will hold a press conference on Tuesday 26 September at 10:30 local time at the UN Eco House. Access is strictly limited to journalists.

The Special Rapporteur will present her report to the Human Rights Council in June 2024.


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